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Posted by martinteller on March 19, 2011

I feel bad that I didn’t like this more.  My first experience with Jia was The World which I found quite messy, but he really won me over with Still Life and I subsequently enjoyed Pickpocket.  So I had some pretty high hopes for this one, but I struggled with it.  I picked up on a lot of themes involving a China going through transition, the young people caught between the end of the Cultural Revolution and a new era of industrialization and a greater Western influence.  But I felt like the meaning of many scenes flew over my head, and there were stretches when I got restless and my mind wandered.  I didn’t always have a handle on the characters and what they were going through.  However, there were other moments that were very evocative and showed a lot of spark.  This might be worth a revisit somewhere down the road, depending on how I react to other films by Jia.  I did like most of it, even when I felt like I was missing the point.  Rating: 7


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