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Who’s the Caboose?

Posted by martinteller on April 3, 2011

When a movie has a 5.2 rating on IMDb, you tend to lower your expectations.  There are occasional exceptions and surprises, of course, but in general you’re not bracing yourself for greatness.  But I wanted to see it for the array of comedians in the cast, many of whom were starting their rise to greatness: Sarah Silverman, Sam Seder, David Cross, Andy Kindler, Andy Dick, Marc Maron, Kathy Griffin, H. Jon Benjamin, John Ennis, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Todd Barry, the list goes on.  Most of them are bit parts, but there are some terrific moments (Cross delivers beautifully in his two brief scenes).  The stars are Silverman and Seder, both of whom do a reasonably good job with their characters.  The problem is that it’s not terribly original.  A mockumentary look at actors/comedians trying to land a sitcom during “pilot season”, it’s the same kind of acerbic jab at the Hollywood process that we’ve seen a hundred times before.  Hollywood Shuffle and The Big Picture come immediately to mind.  Originality isn’t everything, but a lot of the gags and plot developments were just too predictable.  Still, it has a certain endearing charm, especially if you’re a fan of the talent.  Rarely laugh-out-loud funny, but amusing enough.  Rating: 6


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