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Posted by martinteller on April 10, 2011

Last time I watched a George Raft picture (Johnny Angel, which happens to also be another Edwin Marin picture) I said he didn’t click with me.  Boy, did he click this time.  He knocks it out of the park as the Marlowe-esque detective in this lively whodunit.  Also a really spirited group of supporting characters, especially Mabel Paige as Raft’s mom.  Some of the attempts at humor don’t quite connect, but there’s a lot of really funny stuff, and the dialogue sizzles with hard-boiled lingo.  The film isn’t wall-to-wall greatness but it definitely has some wonderful moments, and if the mystery isn’t the most compelling, at least there’s some nice details and it’s not as convoluted as Chandler.  Lots of fun.  Rating: 8


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