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A Dancer’s World

Posted by martinteller on April 23, 2011

“Martha Graham: Dance on Film” may well be Criterion’s most under-discussed release, so I was somewhat curious about what the lack of fuss was about.  Perhaps I’d discover one of those hidden gems.  But alas, uncultured boob that I am, I still don’t like ballet.  I have no appreciation for it.  I can admire the skill and physicality of it, and on some level the aesthetic beauty of it.  But as artistic expression, I just don’t get it.  A lot of it looks silly to me, and I often end up giggling like an idiot (although I confess to a fetish for a lovely lady in a leotard).  And so, although Graham seems like a thoughtful, likeable person dedicated to her craft, neither her poetic remarks nor the performances by her troupe left much impression on me.  I did find some of the dance to be beautiful, but it doesn’t take long for me to tire of it.  I’ll skip the other films in the set, I have too much other stuff to watch at the moment.  Rating: 6


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