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Phantom Lady

Posted by martinteller on April 24, 2011

When a man’s wife is murdered, the woman who can provide his alibi seems to vanish.  There are some stunning sequences in this film, Elwood Bredell’s cinematography once again complements Siodmak’s style extremely well.  The scenes of Ella Raines stalking Andrew Tombes and seducing Elisha Cook, Jr. (the latter including what might be the only instance of a drum solo representing premature ejaculation) are textbook examples of noir photography.  Not every scene is a knockout, but there’s some marvelous framing and lighting throughout.  And Raines is wonderful, supported by some great characters and faces.  However, the plot has some pretty sizable holes, and the psychology is overcooked.  Not a great noir, but a fun one with great moments.  Rating: 8


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