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Private Hell 36

Posted by martinteller on April 25, 2011

First off, great title.  You don’t learn the meaning of it until about halfway through, and until then you’re wondering “Is it an address? A cellblock? Is there a private hell 1 through 35?”.  The film, about a pair of cops investigating a robbery and tempted by corruption, is not the greatest but it’s solid.  Rather slim on action, it’s more of a character piece, and the pacing can be a drag at times.  Easily the highlight is Ida Lupino (wrote co-wrote the movie with her ex-husband) as the world-weary but smoldering lounge singer who helps with the investigation, and gets involved with Steve Cochran.  As a whole the film is rather uneven, but there are some pretty good moments, especially during the key turning points in the story.  Rating: 7


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