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Smiles of a Summer Night (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on May 6, 2011

Although usually (and rightfully) regarded as Bergman’s best comedy, this movie still doesn’t get enough praise.  Admittedly, I prefer his meatier films, but this is so damn pleasant to watch that I never regret it.  Such a marvelously crafted scenario, and a rare combination of the ribald and the delicate.  The way these eight personalities come together and interact is a delight, and most of the credit belongs to two relatively unsung heroines in Bergman’s stable: Eva Dahlbeck and Harriet Andersson.  Dahlbeck has a charming mischievousness to her, and Andersson absolutely bursts with sensuality and joie de vivre.  You can’t take your eyes off either one of them.  Just a beautiful film, loaded with wit and Bergman’s usual insight into human relationships.  Rating: 9


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