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Suspiria (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on May 9, 2011

Another TSPDT 1000 pick that I’ve seen but never written about.  In fact, it’s been about 20 years since I saw it.  It’s got the usual Argento hallmarks, good and bad.  It’s marvelously stylish, perhaps his most visually dazzling film.  Just about every shot is a feast for the eyes, bursting with vivid colors (filters galore!) and striking images.  The Goblin score is terrific, with a very memorable main theme (although the music is mixed obnoxiously loud at times).  And the movie is genuinely horrifying in some places, the last 10 minutes are especially creepy.  But again we have some truly awful dialogue.  There are some decent performances, especially from the top-billed Jessica Harper, Alida Valli and Joan Bennett.  But much of the secondary cast is lousy.  And the film gets very silly, the bat scene in particular is hilarious.  There’s a number of unanswered questions and weird plot problems (why bother keeping up the pretense of the “directress”? Just let someone else play that role).  But overall the film gets points on pure style and atmosphere.  Rating: 7


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