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Barry Lyndon (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on June 13, 2011

As I watched this movie for the third time, I thought a lot about why it doesn’t rate a higher score.  It’s a perfectly engaging story, perhaps a little sluggish towards the end, but never overstays its welcome.  And the execution is flawless.  Such sumptuous cinematography and lighting, spot-on performances, glorious period detail, beautifully applied music.  I have enjoyed it every time.  Perhaps it’s only in relation to Kubrick’s other work that it doesn’t quite measure up.  Not quite entertaining enough, not quite fascinating enough, not quite enlightening enough, and not nearly moving enough.  I suppose I shouldn’t be giving apologies for an 8 score, but I do wonder if Barry Lyndon deserves a little more.  It just doesn’t feel right to me.  I do like to trot it out every few years, though.  It’s still a great film, just one of the weakest of Kubrick’s “great films”.  Rating: 8


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