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Naked (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on August 13, 2011

I’ve been in a DVD purging mood, getting rid of the movies, even though I might love them, I probably won’t watch again.  I figured that a third viewing of Naked would be enough and I put it on the eBay stack, but I find it still holds its fascination for me.  The lion’s share of the credit belongs to David Thewlis, whose raggedy performance is utterly compelling.  Johnny’s darker qualities are neither negated nor mitigated by his charm, but his charm is substantial, with a wonderful gift of gab, a sense of intellectual curiosity, and a sarcasm-tinged but nonetheless genuine compassion for his fellow man buried under the bile.  When Thewlis is onscreen, he’s riveting.  The rare moments when he’s not onscreen are when the film falters, most notably when forced to spend time with Greg Cruttwell (Sebastian/Jeremy).  The character and the performance have not grown on me one bit, he’s a useless and irritating addition.  Besides him, however, I’m still quite enthralled with this movie, and it stays in the collection.  Rating: Great


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