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28 Up

Posted by martinteller on August 20, 2011

I guess at this point it goes without saying that I’m still underwhelmed.  The highlights here are Nicholas and his relocation to Wisconsin and Neil continuing down the spiral of depression.  Other than that, most of the subjects have just settled into comfortable, and somewhat mundane, lives.  I was disappointed not to get more of John’s douchiness, but he declined to be interviewed, as did one of the other rich (but far less douchey) kids.  It’s amusing to see the way Apted keeps trying to badger his subjects into expressing some kind of rage against the upper class, yet they’re having no part of his agenda.  They all (with the exception of Neil) seem quite content with their standing.  I’ve decided to soldier on with the series, mostly because I’ve already invested so much in it, but I also remain curious about a few of the subjects.  Rating: Fair


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