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49 Up

Posted by martinteller on August 26, 2011

Another review where I shit on this highly-regarded series.  I watched Ebert’s interview with Apted on the DVD, and I noticed that Ebert’s love for the series seems almost entirely about the concept of the thing as a whole.  He rarely mentions specific moments or elements of the individual films that excite him.  Yes, it is a “noble” endeavor, and one that I’m glad exists, but really, the films on their own are mostly pretty dull.  Here we have everything settling into middle age, and most of them quite comfortably.  Good for them, but what’s in it for me?  I don’t really need to hear about the mundane professions your kids have taken up, or that you love your grandchildren (I kind of figured you did).  It’s somewhat rewarding to know that these folk have found some degree of contentment, it just doesn’t make for compelling filmmaking.  I could read about it in a Wikipedia article or something and have the same results.  The one really interesting thing going on in this installment is that it seems to get a bit more meta.  Several of the subjects address their involvement in the film, some with a measure of resentment or frustration (and maybe I’m mistaken, but I think we hear more of Apted’s voice as well).  These were the most rewarding parts for me.  Rating: Fair


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