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Black Moon

Posted by martinteller on October 1, 2011

Another Louis Malle film that’s not much like any other Louis Malle film.  A kind of Carroll-esque dreamworld where a young lady flees from a literal war of the sexes and takes refuge in a farmhouse with three strange inhabitants, a flock of naked children and numerous animals.  The movie is light on dialogue (the most significant conversation includes a unicorn) but heavy on surrealist, symbolic imagery.  And it’s a big borefest.  I have no objection to non-narrative films, but something has to hook me.  Otherwise it’s like someone describing his dreams to you — dreadfully dull.  The few intriguing elements of the film aren’t even worth mentioning, the rest is an exercise in sexually-charged non sequitur.  The photography by Sven Nykvist is nice, too bad it’s not in the service of more engaging (or less annoying) material.  Rating: Poor


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