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American Madness

Posted by martinteller on October 3, 2011

A liberal-minded bank president gets in a pickle when his vaults are robbed.  An early Capra that contains a lot of the elements that would define his career, especially It’s A Wonderful Life.  Faith in the little guy, the greedy hands of fat cats, the danger of mobs, the damage done by rumor-mongering, the reliability of friends, and most notably, a practice run for the bank panic scene.  The film moves economically with nary a wasted moment, some lively bits of humor, and surprisingly dynamic photography.  There’s a number of really fantastic looking shots throughout.  Although some of the performances are a bit weak, Walter Huston is quite likeable in the lead.  Maybe certain parts are a bit ludicrous or sentimentalized, but they fit in well with the Capra mindset.  Very enjoyable flick.  Rating: Very Good


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