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Posted by martinteller on November 8, 2011

A rising star photographer starts using his journalistic influence for personal profit… and sets two gangsters against each other.  Ruthless and cynical, with one of the most despicable protagonists this side of Mike Hammer.  This guy is a real piece of work, a sleazy manipulator who doesn’t care who suffers for his gain.  Howard Duff (probably best known to noir aficionados for The Naked City) plays it completely unsympathetic, delivering his lines with barely concealed contempt and ambition.  The supporting performances are all pretty good, too, with special mention for the always intimidating Lawrence Tierney.  The story is lean and mean, like the production.  It’s a decidedly low-budget affair, a little more polish might have amped up the tension (though I should note I watched a very rough copy).  The film doesn’t pack much of an emotional punch, but it is a down and dirty good time.  Rating: Good


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