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Blue Velvet (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on November 12, 2011

Last time I watched this film, I downgraded my score for its themes being too obvious, too “in-your-face”.  But now I feel that’s part of its magic.  I think that for all the depravity and nightmarish imagery that Lynch puts into his films, he earnestly believes in a rather wholesome ideal, the comfort of the world of Sandy Williams.  It’s also interesting to return to this movie after having consumed so much film noir — the influence is clear on Jeffrey’s journey into the seedy underbelly of Lincoln Street.  Anyway, I’m putting this film’s rating back up where it belongs.  I have never tired of watching it, every scene is fascinating (as are many of the 50 minutes of rediscovered footage on the new Blu-Ray).  Rating: Masterpiece

Two things I noticed for the first time, after at least a dozen viewings.  One: Jeffrey wears an earring!  He flirts with danger… like his preference for Heineken, this is what suffices as a token of non-conformity in Lumberton.  Two: when Jeffrey asks the blind man at the hardware store how many fingers he’s holding up, the other employee taps him on the back four times to let him know.  So when Jeffrey says “I don’t know how you do it!” is he in on the joke, being polite, or too dumb to see the obvious?  The latter would make a lot of sense character-wise, but if that’s the case, then I’m as oblivious as he is!


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