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Posted by martinteller on November 29, 2011

A gal goes searching for her missing sister and uncovers an illegal baby trade ring.  This is unique subject matter for noir, at least I can’t recall having seen it before.  The film is slightly too light-hearted in tone for the topic, but it’s otherwise a pretty good flick.  The dialogue is snappy and witty, the story unfolds at a good clip, and the cinematography is quite strong, especially during the more suspenseful scenes.  Dennis O’Keefe isn’t the most compelling leading man but he has a good stack of noir credits (Raw Deal, T-Men, Woman on the Run) and a sharp line delivery.  This is my first experience with Gale Storm, who didn’t really impress me but was definitely at least okay.  Raymond Burr makes a memorable appearance as the shady private detective.  And who do you get when you need someone to beat up Burr?  The even more menacing Mike Mazurki, naturally.  The score is quite good, too.  Unfortunately there’s some incredibly unnecessary narration to point out the blatantly obvious, but it’s a minor flaw in a solid film.  Rating: Very Good


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