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Three Colors: Blue (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on December 10, 2011

I find it very difficult to write about Blue.  So much has been said about it already, especially by Annette Insdorf (who provides a superb commentary on the Miramax DVD and a video essay on the new Criterion Blu-Ray), that anything I could put forward would be mere repetition.  The truth is that as dense as the film is, it’s also quite simple.  It doesn’t require great effort to decode it, certainly not as much as Veronique.  Kieslowski’s ideas — about “liberté”, grief, love, the need to not be completely free of connectedness to others — are very close to the surface.  But there is such elegance to its simplicity that it never feels obvious.  Only in hindsight does one think “Of course that’s how it should be done” because it is all done so perfectly.

Thinking again of my top 100 films, Blue made #55 on the list.  I may drop it off next time.  Not because I think any less of the film, but in a way I feel like I’ve gotten everything that I can out of it for now.  I would like to return to it after a long, long break and feel that freshness again.  Anyway, what fun is a top ### list if you don’t shake it up once in a while?  Rating: Masterpiece


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