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Rushmore (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on December 11, 2011

My opinion hasn’t changed much on this one.  Once again, I’m on the fence between “very good” and “great” but am leaning towards the latter.  Somewhere near the two-thirds point I get a bit restless, but it’s all made right by that lovely ending.  It’s very sweet.  The thing that makes you special isn’t how impressive you are or your list of achievements, it’s the people who care about you.  I can’t help wondering if I might like the film a little more if it was someone other than Jason Schwartzman, but I haven’t put much thought into who might have been better.  One terrific bit of casting is Sara Tanaka, who projects such a restrained vulnerability.  She did a few other bit parts and then apparently went to med school, so I guess we’ve probably seen the last of her.  Rating: Great


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