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Edvard Munch

Posted by martinteller on January 22, 2012

Watkins’ technique of using a documentary style for either fictional events or historical recreations has been sometimes intriguing (La Commune, The War Game) and sometimes just irritating (Punishment Park).  But in the context of a biopic, it proves to be an excellent method, and perhaps even the ideal one.  Through narration, “interviews”, recreations, and readings from Munch’s diaries, we get an astonishingly complete portrait of the man.  We learn about his family, his circle of friends, his romantic interests, the social and political climate, medical problems, his methods, his inspirations, his movements, and critical reception of his work.  Before this film, all I knew about him was that he painted “The Scream”.  Now I feel quite educated about him and his work, and without ever having been overwhelmed by the information.  Perhaps because it rarely feels like “information” — it all seems to flow naturally from the narrative, with poetic touches like quick, repeated flashbacks to childhood traumas or lost loves.  It’s a superb, engaging and sometimes beautiful film whose 3 hours are never as tiring as La Commune… in fact, I would have welcomed a little more.  Easily my favorite by Watkins so far.  Rating: Very Good


2 Responses to “Edvard Munch”

  1. JamDenTel said

    “I felt as if there were invisible threads between us. I felt as if invisible threads from her hair still twisted themselves around me. And, when she completely disappeared there, over the ocean, then I felt still how it hurt, where my heart bled, because the threads could not be broken.”

  2. That was a lovely moment indeed. Thanks for reading!

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