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Annie Hall (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on January 26, 2012

The hardest reviews for me are massively acclaimed, extremely popular titles like this.  For one thing, I like my reviews to be an entry point to something people might have overlooked, an introduction to a hidden gem, or at least a lesser-known gem.  Who hasn’t seen Annie Hall?  For another thing, I get paralyzed by my desire to be original.  What can I say about Annie Hall that’s original, unless I say something nutty and completely disingenuous?

And it’s also kind of a no-win situation.  If I praise the film (for its terrific jokes, inventive style, profound influence, superb pacing, et cetera) then I’m just following the herd.  If I criticize it (for its condescension, or maybe a certain incompleteness of the title character) then I’m just deliberately going against the grain or nitpicking.  Sometimes it seems like the best position is indifference.

But I’m not indifferent.  I think everyone should see it (who are you?), it’s delightful (how’s that for original?) and ground-breaking (baaaa!).  It’s been about 10 years since I last watched it and although it’s too familiar to ever seem “new” again, it was nice to view it with fresh eyes.  I don’t think any of the references ever completely flew over my head, but some of them tickle me a little more now, especially now that I’ve seen every movie mentioned in it.  Rating: Masterpiece


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