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Posted by martinteller on September 8, 2012

I’m gonna keep this pretty short.  I’ve been wasting far too much time on the internet lately (last night I watched less than 3 hours of movies) and I don’t have any strong feelings about this one.  I thought this movie was powerful — though trying a little too hard to be powerful — and interesting.  Through careless Googling I subjected myself to a rather massive spoiler.  It doesn’t matter how quick you look away, once you read a spoiler, you can’t unread it.  So I was less shocked (and probably more annoyed) by the film’s very, very implausible secrets than the average viewer.  Still, the resolution to the mystery seems too neat and contrived, and the film relies on it too much.  The anti-war messages and commentary on conflict in the Middle East could have resonated just as strongly without it because the film is well executed with some stunning moments and solid performances.  Rating: Good (74)


2 Responses to “Incendies”

  1. kevlarcardhouse said

    This film hit me like a ton of bricks, although this is through the lens of someone who was not anticipating the ending. If you already knew it going in, I could see everything propelling the story forward coming off as awfully convienient (and insanely prescient of the mother), but I feel that could be argued for most thrillers/mysteries, and the key is whether you notice the seams while you’re watching it, and I didn’t. I also feel like the ending was valuable in hammering home the message regarding the futility of retialiatory justice.

    Of course, being a Canadian I tend to have a bias towards praising home-grown cinema that I feel tends to be severely under-rated even by it’s own citizens, so my opinion should be taken with a bushel of salt.

    • I wish I could have seen it without knowing what was coming. My belief is that if being spoiled “ruins” the film, that’s a problem with the film. While being spoiled in this case didn’t ruin it (74 is a pretty decent score), it did diminish the experience.

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