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The Artist

Posted by martinteller on September 16, 2012

This is gonna be an extra short review.  As I’ve said, I don’t like to expend a lot of energy writing about movies everyone else has seen, movies that have already been extensively discussed.  Besides, I have another review to write up after this one.  I went into this with the attitude of “I’m just watching this so I can say I’ve seen it” but I ended up enjoying it quite a bit.  It is a gimmick picture but manages to be more than that by virtue of its charm and character.  It does sort of run out of steam after a while, but every now and then some clever thing will happen to pep it up again.  More than Jean Dijardin (who is sufficiently delightful in a Gene Kelly kind of way) I was won over by Bérénice Bejo.  That gal has a face made for the movies and that special something that makes her distinctly watchable.  Liked the dog, too.  In general, a fun and fulfilling movie.  Rating: Very Good (82)


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