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Yearly Roundup – 1940

Posted by martinteller on October 16, 2012

The Cream of the Crop

I can’t rightfully put anything here, as I have nothing rated higher than 85 on Criticker.  I’m not saying 1940 is a dud year, I just haven’t seen anything that qualifies as a favorite.  There are several films from this year that are considered among the greats, I’m just not that crazy about them.  I suspect if I rewatched His Girl Friday I would like it a lot more than I did the first time around.

Update 3/19/2014: I did rewatch His Girl Friday and gave it an 84, but the creamiest by far is Remember the Night.  The best movie I’ve watched so far this year and certainly a new entry for my top 250, if not my top 100.


Slightly Less Creamy, But Still Tasty

Two very fine noirs… or maybe pre-noirs since some consider 1941 to really be the starting point of the so-called “noir cycle”.  But Stranger on the Third Floor is sometimes referred to the first true noir, and it has the chops to back it up.  Very odd little movie, and one with some striking elements.  They Drive By Night is not quite as “noir” but it is compelling, and features brilliant casting in Bogart, Raft and Lupino.  Also, The Shop Around the Corner is a delightful romcom.

Update 3/19/2014: Better than all of these is Borzage’s wonderful The Mortal Storm.


Varying Degrees of Like

Angels Over Broadway
Broadway Melody of 1940
Christmas in July
His Girl Friday
The Letter
Night Train to Munich
The Sea Hawk
The Thief of Bagdad


Varying Degrees of Hate

The Bank Dick


Some Notable Films In The Middle

Foreign Correspondent
The Grapes of Wrath
The Great Dictator
Johnny Apollo
The Philadelphia Story


Uncharted Territory

Dark Command, French Without Tears, Go West, The Great McGinty, Kitty Foyle, The Long Voyage Home, The Mark of Zorro, My Favorite Wife, My Little Chickadee, Our Town, Pride and Prejudice, The Return of Frank James, There’s No Tomorrow, The Westerner


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