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October 2012 Recap

Posted by martinteller on October 31, 2012

36 new viewings
8 rewatches

Best new discoveries: Waiting for Happiness, Xanadu
Worst new discovery: Cat-Women of the Moon

Overall, a fantastic month.  I did take a few days off, but for the most part I was really into watching movies and got a lot out of it.  My two best discoveries are both potential top 100 candidates (well, probably not so much Xanadu, but I enjoyed the hell out of it when I was in the moment).  Even most of the stuff I didn’t like had something that made it enjoyable or interesting to watch.  I think the only ones I really regret wasting time on are Klimt and Antareen… and heck, at least they helped expand my knowledge of Ruiz and Sen.  Next month: Noir-vember!


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