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Appointment With Danger (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on November 22, 2012

“You don’t know what a love affair is!”
“It’s what goes on between a man and a 45 pistol that won’t jam.”

“How many nuns are there anyway?”
“I don’t know, Mr. Goddard. I never counted them.”

“Prayer’s not gonna keep you from being killed.”
“People don’t pray to keep from dying. They pray to keep from being disappointed when they do.”

“You’re gonna take this Maxie’s word? If somebody gave him a Bible, he’d steal it.”

“If you want a share of the robbery, it’s all right.  If you don’t… go down the hall, pack your lingerie and get out.”
“I walk out of here, your robbery goes out of the window.  And you go right on managing a grubby hotel.  And for the next ten years, you’ll still be changing sheets and putting drunks to bed, so don’t get so tough.”

“Do you know, Mr. Goddard… with a little practice, you could be a nice man.”
“I’ll take two weeks off sometime and try it.”

“You look as if you just lost your best friend.”
“I’m my best friend.”
“That’s what I said.”

“You can put strings on good women or bad women, but you can’t do anything about lazy ones.”
“You can beat ’em.”
“They stay about the same.  You can’t make ’em do the right thing, or the wrong thing.  They’re lazy.  They do the easy thing.”

“Suppose I’d told them.  They’d have to do away with you.  That would make me an accessory to murder.”
“And you don’t love anybody that much.”
“Not 25 years worth.  I’m a loser either way.  Suppose they get away with all that dough.  I’ll be wearing those mink coats in shacks and hamburger joints, living on the run til they get me.”

“You won’t get a gold star, but… thanks.”
“Don’t bother.  Earl was good to me.  I hope he kills you.”

Rating: Very Good (82)


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