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Noir-vember 2012 Recap

Posted by martinteller on December 1, 2012

45 new viewings
5 revisits

Top 5 discoveries:
1. The Threat
2. Female on the Beach
3. The Big Night
4. Shield for Murder
5. The Two Mrs. Carrolls

Worst discovery: Out of the Fog

A highly successful Noir-vember for me, much more so than I anticipated.  I also didn’t experience any genre burnout this year, despite indulging so heavily.  It’s too bad it had to end on a whimper.  This last day was pretty rough: four movies and all duds.  But I found enough gems to keep me hopeful for next year, even though I’ve well exhausted the noir canon.  December will focus a lot on documentaries, but already I’ve got plenty of other stuff lined up, including some pretty big revisits.


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