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Dom kallar oss mods (They Call Us Misfits)

Posted by martinteller on December 13, 2012

Kenta and Stoffe are two Swedish teenagers, living the bohemian life.  They wander the streets of Stockholm, hanging out in the subway with friends, indulging in substances, picking up girls, finding a squat, sometimes playing in a mediocre rock band.  They hold society in contempt, mocking the “normal” lifestyle, sarcastically commenting on those who work a nine-to-five and go home to their stale routines.

Director Stefan Jarl has admirable access to the lives of these two “misfits”, even to the point of being allowed to film them having sex.  We hear from them — and several of their friends — about their troubled backgrounds, coming from broken homes and uncaring institutions.  You can’t help feeling sorry for them, dealt a bad hand in life and understandably bitter and cynical about what regular society has to offer.

But I have to say I wasn’t all that interested in these dudes.  It’s the privilege of youth, I suppose, to think you have the world all figured out, but listening to their juvenile judgment of others, and their adolescent posturing, just makes me roll my eyes.  Jarl made a trilogy out of these personalities… like the “Up” series, he catches up with them after long intervals.  I’m more curious about the next one, to see where they end up.  This first installment, however, was a bit too meandering and the subjects a bit too annoying at this early stage in their adulthood.  The most interesting part comes at the end: a rift starts to form between Kenta and Stoffe, as one of them begins to drift more towards stability.  The rest of the film is rather uneven, only occasionally offering up an intriguing tidbit or insight into their way of life.  Rating: Fair (66)


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