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Antoine et Colette (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on January 25, 2013

A short review for a short film.  It’s interesting watching this immediately after 400 Blows, having seen all of Truffaut’s other films since the last time I did so.  You can see him stretching his legs more, utilizing more of the cinematic flourishes from Shoot the Piano Player and Jules et Jim.  Blocking out a piece of the frame, voiceover narration, doing some clever juxtapositions with edits.  He’s having fun with cinematic language.

Antoine’s first job is working at a record production company, and I love the details of stuffing the discs into jackets, and later pressing the labels onto them and carving off the excess vinyl around the rim.  It’s the first of a series of increasingly oddball careers in Doinel’s life.

But the real story here is how he completely botches a courtship.  Antoine still makes a lot of mistakes, and while you may not have made these particular errors yourself, they have the bitter sting of truth.  First he doesn’t establish himself as a potential romantic interest, letting himself fall immediately into the “friend zone”.  Then he cozies up to Colette’s parents.  Then — oh so painful! — he moves across the street.  Friend, brother and neighbor is a deadly position for romance.  It hurts to watch him screw up so bad, but a kid’s gotta learn the hard way.  Rating: Very Good (88)


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