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Posted by martinteller on February 24, 2013

Oh boy.  Another moralizing alcoholism movie.  There’s only one reason to watch this: Denzel Washington.  Washington is a national treasure, a great actor who deserves better roles.  He’s head and shoulders above the rest of the film, from its predictable story beats to its lackluster love interest (Kelly Reilly) to its painfully on-the-noise soundtrack (no surprise coming from Robert Zemeckis, who gave us the king of all on-the-nose soundtracks with Forrest Gump).  Besides Washington there are minor highlights in the gripping crash sequence and Don Cheadle’s performance.  Nothing else is worth praising.  To be fair, there’s nothing offensively awful about it either, but it reeks of mediocrity.  Washington is a riveting performer, and with anyone else in the lead my score would be much lower.  Rating: Fair (60)


4 Responses to “Flight”

  1. JamDenTel said

    Washington IS good. But that ending…that ending actively annoyed me.

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