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Posted by martinteller on February 24, 2013

It’s funny, I don’t consider myself a Bond fan, but I’ve seen every film from Dr. No through Casino Royale, most of them two or more times.  I was more of a fan in my youth, but even then it wasn’t a particularly passionate fandom.  Connery will always be my favorite, and no one else in the role has lived up to him (Brosnan came close).  I wasn’t all that thrilled with Craig’s first outing as 007, and based on the lackluster reviews for Quantum for Solace, skipped that one entirely, making it the only Bond I’ve not seen (not counting the original Casino Royale).  But when I’d heard that this one was the best of the franchise in years — or even of all time — I decided I ought to give it a look.

Aaaaand…. it’s okay.  Or rather, the action sequences are spectacular and everything else is kinda blah.  I really didn’t give a damn about the plot or Bardem’s villain (who was silly enough that I would have preferred if he went all-out silly).  I didn’t care much about all the stuff around M, but it wasn’t that bad.  But whenever there was a fight or a chase or a shootout, I was fully engaged.  The action scenes are directed quite well, maintaining momentum without being just a confusing flurry of fists, legs and bullets as we usually see these days.  The cinematography by Roger Deakins makes everything look truly glorious as well… his work is the finest aspect of the film.  I quite liked Naomie Harris as well (had to look her up to figure out where I’d seen her before: Tristram Shandy!) although her character has a corny tag at the end.

And Craig is good enough.  He’s no Connery, but I can deal with him.  Maybe I just don’t want Bond to change, the same way I don’t especially want my favorite directors to step outside their “comfort zone”.  I’d much rather curl up with Goldfinger or From Russia With Love… but this is fine, too.  At the very least, it’s the best I’ve seen by Sam Mendes, but that’s not saying much.  Rating: Good (71)


2 Responses to “Skyfall”

  1. JamDenTel said

    Maybe it’s because I’m a fan, but I’ll defend QUANTUM OF SOLACE. As an addition to the Bondiverse, it’s quite interesting, and even on its own terms, it’s really well-directed, has a good villain and Bond girls, and offers a pretty harsh look at international politics without subverting its strengths as an action thriller. The opera house scene…damn. I’d say it’s worth a look, but…that’s just me.

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