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Zero Dark Thirty

Posted by martinteller on March 31, 2013

I’ve made it clear in the past that the more widely discussed a movie is, the less I feel a desire or need to write about it, unless I have strong feelings about it.  I don’t have very strong feelings about ZDT one way or the other, and seeing it’s one of most talked about films of last year, this will be a short review indeed.  I found it a riveting story.  Maybe it started feeling a bit too long by the end, but there isn’t any particular scene I would say is especially disposable.  I’d say any pat reading of the movie — especially in regards to its stance on torture — is misguided, and it does a fine job of dispassionately presenting a situation that is ethically and politically very complex, without trying to provide easy answers.  Very compelling material with a strong performance by Chastain and the supporting cast, and engaging direction by Bigelow.  I put this just a notch above The Hurt Locker.  Rating: Very Good (84)


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