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Yearly Roundup – 2006

Posted by martinteller on April 2, 2013

The Cream of the Crop

Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.  Due to its appearance on my top 100, it should be no surprise that my favorite of the year is Syndromes and a Century.  Pretty much everything by Weerasethakul is worth watching, but this one weaves a special spell over me.  Structurally playful, alternately mellowing and disturbing, always beautiful.  Sublime filmmaking from one of cinema’s most distinctive voices.


Slightly Less Creamy, But Still Tasty

It’s a year of excellent surreal nightmares, including three from my top 100.  Inland Empire is Lynch at his Lynch-iest, a slippery narrative loaded with moods.  Then there’s the deadpan dystopia of Jens Lien’s mysterious The Bothersome Man.  And a rather controversial (i.e., questionable) selections for a “top” list: Silent Hill.  I would be hard-pressed to defend this as a brilliant story, but its achievements in production design and commitment to its nightmarish tone does something for me.  And that’s not all from my top 250, there’s also Tsai’s I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone, probably his warmest film.  Gorgeous ending.

I recently watched Infernal Affairs and although I did enjoy it, I still prefer Scorsese’s The Departed, a highly entertaining and gripping remake.  Lastly, a pair of fine documentaries.  Inheritance studies the demons haunting Amon Goeth’s daughter, and An Inconvenient Truth studies the demons haunting our planet.


Also Love

Before We Fall in Love Again
Brand Upon the Brain!
Fireworks Wednesday
It’s Winter
Little Miss Sunshine
Still Life


Varying Degrees of Like

12:08 East of Bucharest
After the Wedding
The Beales of Grey Gardens
The Bridge
Casino Royale
Children of Men
Colossal Youth
Forgiving Dr. Mengele
The Fountain
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Inside Man
Invisible Waves
Jackass: Number Two
Jesus Camp
The Kon Ichikawa Story
Letters from Iwo Jima
Lights in the Dusk
The Lives of Others
Love Conquers All
La Morte Rouge
Old Joy
Pan’s Labyrinth
Paris, je t’aime
The Prestige
The Queen
Rainbow Song
Red Road
The Road to Guantanamo
The Science of Sleep
Ten Nights of Dreams
This Film Is Not Yet Rated
This Filthy World
United 93
V for Vendetta
Woman on the Beach
X-Men: The Last Stand


Varying Degrees of Hate

Find Me Guilty
Happy Feet


Some Notable Films In The Middle

Curse of the Golden Flower
Death Note/Death Note 2
For Your Consideration
The Good German
The Host
Marie Antoinette
Miami Vice
The Namesake
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
Rescue Dawn
A Scanner Darkly
Snakes on a Plane
Superman Returns
Tales from Earthsea
Thank You for Smoking


Uncharted Territory

Apocalypto, Blood Diamond, The Break-Up, Cars, Crank, The Da Vinci Code, Day Watch, The Devil Wears Prada, Dreamgirls, Flags of Our Fathers, Half Nelson, The Illusionist, I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK, Kamome Diner, Lady in the Water, Longing, Mission Impossible III, The Night of the Sunflowers, Paraguayan Hammock, A Prairie Home Companion, Rocky Balboa, Shortbus, Stranger Than Fiction, This Is England, The Wicker Man


4 Responses to “Yearly Roundup – 2006”

  1. stevekimes said

    I’m not surprised that you put Happy Feet in your “hate” category, although I really liked it. My favorites of this year include Children of Men, Paprika and A Scanner Darkly. I don’t think you’d care for Cars, The DaVinci Code (dull), Lady in the Water (simplistic fable) or Dreamgirls (good music, but that’s about it). But I’d recommend A Prairie Home Companion, if you like Altman and Half Nelson for the performances. Apocalypto is easily Mel Gibson’s best film, truly intense and dramatic.

  2. Happy Feet is borderline “hate”… I don’t really feel that strongly about it, but there was little about it I enjoyed. Of my haven’t-seens that you listed, Half Nelson is the one I’m most likely to check out. I have no love for Mel Gibson and Garrison Keillor, and Altman appeals most to me when he’s doing something odd (3 Women, Images). Thanks for commenting!

  3. JC said

    Just wondering if you plan on doing another one of these soon? Being as you’ve done 06,08 and 09, I’d love to see a 2007 list which I think is one of the stronger years recently.
    As for 2006, Brand Upon the Brain & Inland Empire are both films I’ve been meaning to catch up with. From the uncharted territory, I’d recommend Mission Impossible III & Stranger Than Fiction [although it’s been a while since I saw that one].

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