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TSPDT 2013: Nouvelle Vague

Posted by martinteller on April 7, 2013

Since I already wasted an hour and a half watching this, I’m not gonna spend that much time writing about it.  I’ll be totally honest: I had decided before I even started that I was going to hate it.  You’re not supposed to do that, you’re supposed to have an open mind.  You’re supposed to want to enjoy the movies you watch.  But I know how it goes with Godard, especially later Godard.  And besides, I’ve had that mindset before and been proven wrong.  So he had a chance to win me over.

And he blew it.  The usual barrage of references and quotes, quotes and references.  Mind-numbing stuff.  Isn’t it ever so ironic to hear such heightened language come out of the mouths of corporate stooges?  The usual obvious commentary on politics, economics, America, love.  Just thrown out there willy-nilly.  No connection to anything, things that sound great but have little to do with how people actually live their lives.  Or maybe this is really how Godard thinks about things.  In platitudes and abstractions.  Maybe I’m too dumb to get Godard.  I don’t embrace that, I wouldn’t want that to be the case.  But I’m willing to accept it’s a possibility.

Once in a blue moon there’d be an intriguing insight.  And the cinematography is lovely as always, vibrant colors and repeated use of back-and-forth pans.  But very very little about it spoke to me on any level.  Just another exercise in frustration, dealing with Godard’s bratty desire to be difficult.  Rating: Poor (35)


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