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Harald & Harald

Posted by martinteller on May 4, 2013

A ten-minute theater piece (later televised) by Bergman.  “Harald Critic” (Bjorn Granath) and “Harald Critic” (Johan Rabaeus) read and discuss passages from the governmental Cultural Commission report, as if it itself was a serious work of art.  At the end, they present the “authors” with the coveted “Double Harald” award… a clown (Benny Haag).  You don’t see a lot of satire in Bergman’s work and that’s too bad… he’s really quite good at it.  This has the feel of a sketch you might see in vaudeville or a show like “Saturday Night Live”.  The text pokes fun at both the facile observations of the commission and the self-satisfied pomposity of critics.  I couldn’t tell if there was any significance to the shoeboxes they wear on their heads, or if it was just a device to make them look more ridiculous.  An oddity in Bergman’s oeuvre, but a funny one.  Rating: Good (73)


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