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Fitzcarraldo (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on May 8, 2013

Gonna be a quickie review here, I’ve been staying up too late the past couple of weeks and I need to start getting back to a somewhat normal schedule.  Just like Nosferatu, this is my third time watching this movie, with five years between each viewing, and I like it a little bit more each time.  One change in my opinion has been that I like Kinski a lot more in this role now.  I’ve always loved him in Aguirre so much that I’d get disappointed when he wasn’t doing a similar character.  But now I really like seeing this side of him… he’s still nuts, but he’s so idealistic and even downright cheerful at times.

I still say there’s too much dead space, especially in the first hour.  But there are enough of those magnificent Herzog moments to sustain the film.  An ambitious and often mesmerizing study of man’s hubris and determination up against the forces of nature… and with a storied background almost as compelling as the film itself (if not more so).  Rating: Very Good (85)


2 Responses to “Fitzcarraldo (rewatch)”

  1. vinnieh said

    Excellent review man, enjoyed reading it.

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