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Bakomfilm smultronstället (The Shooting of Wild Strawberries)

Posted by martinteller on May 16, 2013

Not much to say about this.  It’s about 18 minutes of Bergman’s own behind-the-scenes footage during the filming of Wild Strawberries.  I believe much of it appears in Stig Björkman’s compilation of Bergman footage called Images from the Playground.  Narration was added by Jon Wengström of the Swedish Film Institute, providing some background information.  I don’t think any of it is new to anyone familiar with the film’s production, but he does identify some unfamiliar figures like the script girl, if you want to know that.  The most interesting thing is when it suddenly shifts to color.  Wild Strawberries wouldn’t be the same without Gunnar Fischer’s lovely black and white photography, but it is something of a revelation to see these gorgeous locations in color.

This is one for Bergmanphile completists only, but I always get a bit of a kick out of seeing this kind of stuff.  Rating: Good (71)


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