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Posted by martinteller on May 16, 2013

Another short, this one by French animator Jérémy Clapin.  A man is struck by a giant meteorite and he is now exactly 91 centimeters to the left of where he should be.  It’s a wonderful little premise, reminded me a lot of the high-concept work of one of my favorite authors, Italo Calvino.  There’s some clever business involving the man making chalk outlines of everything in his apartment 91 centimeters to the left of where the objects actually are, so he can do things like pick up the telephone.  But in the 12 minutes, Clapin doesn’t go very far with the idea, or maybe there’s just not many places you can go with it.  I also found the animation a bit off-putting, lacking any personality or sense of artistry.  Great concept, so-so execution.  Rating: Fair (67)


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