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Linda Linda Linda (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on May 19, 2013

Just some of things I love about this movie:

* Beat Happening posters on the walls of the practice room.  Beat Happening was very popular in Japan, in fact they recorded their first EP there.  Their DIY indie-pop music fits in perfectly with the movie’s musical sensibilities.

* James Iha’s instrumental score.  It’s really good.

* Kyoko suggests they cover the ultra-chipper J-pop band Puffy.  Kei responds, “Are you serious?”

* They discover a tape of “Linda Linda Linda” and bounce around singing into skull-shaped maracas.

* Son’s confused look as she gets invited into the band, and her panicky reaction when she realizes what she’s agreed to.

* The endearingly awkward conversation between Kei and Son at the bus stop… the start of a friendship.

* Nozomi’s little brother walking around repeating, “I’m hot”.

” Son practicing in a karaoke room, building her confidence and getting into it.

* Laughing at themselves after a terrible run-through of “My Right Hand”.

* Takako’s rooftop comic stand/juice bar.

* Son trying to cheer Kyoko up for being late to practice, giving her a playful little neck rub.

* Son’s nods of half-comprehension.

* Nozomi being impossible to wake up.

* The band’s amusement at Kei’s irritation/embarrassment with her ex-boyfriend.

* Son giggling over seeing Kyoko’s underwear.

* Sneaking into the practice room late at night, trying to play quietly and cracking themselves up.

* Yusaku uncomfortably confessing his love for Son, a traditional Japanese rite of passage.  Son’s reaction: “Can I go now?”

* Nozomi makes dinner for the band.

* Son rehearses her stage banter to an empty auditorium… you can tell how much she loves her new friends.

* Kei throws a “beef dart”.

* Kei’s “big hand” dream, featuring The Ramones.

* Moe and Takako stall for time.

* Rinko and Kei reconcile, in a way.

* Kyoko loses her nerve with Kazuya.  Not everything can result in triumph….

* ….but that ending is triumphant in spades.  What a joyous, cathartic moment.

* The smile that never leaves my face from the beginning to the end.  I love these girls.  I love their music and their humor and their problems and their friendship.  I don’t know if there is a better movie about adolescence.  It’s a thrilling, endlessly pleasurable experience spending time with Son, Kei, Nozomi and Kyoko.  Long live Param Maum!

Rating: Masterpiece (97)


6 Responses to “Linda Linda Linda (rewatch)”

  1. nancy said

    I watched this LAST NIGHT because of you and I could not agree more. Son is one of the biggest finds ever. I’ll add this one – after she says to her admirer, “I don’t like you or dislike you,” she sees her friends staring through the window and says, “I want to be with them!”

    Maybe the best friendship movie ever? I’m thinking. Best movie about the joy of friendship? I think I will buy this one.

    • Yay! Always a joy to see a new LLL devotee. The “I want to be with them!” is a fantastic moment. How funny that we were watching this on the same day. Maybe even the same time! (roughly 9:00-11:00 for me)

      I’ve seen Bae Doona (Son) in a number of other movies (and will soon be watching her in CLOUD ATLAS) and she’s always great, but this is far and away my favorite performance by her.

      • nancy said

        OK – I will promptly look her up and watch more of her stuff. For a good portion of the movie I was convinced she was the thieving / prankster noodle gal turned flight attendant from Chung King Express.

        And YES – we were watching at the same time. Today I ordered a used copy. Need to have this one on hand.

      • Ah, Faye Wong! Yes, there is definitely a resemblance there, for sure. For a good Bae Doona film, I’d probably recommend TAKE CARE OF MY CAT. It’s another ensemble film about friendship.

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