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All About My Mother (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on June 5, 2013

I don’t know if I actually have a whole lot to say about this movie.  I simply love everything about it.  It’s such a warm and accepting movie.  Almodóvar knows how to work the dramatic angles so that they form an endlessly engaging web of relationships and circumstance.  There isn’t a moment of the story that I would call “dull” or “pointless”.   Each piece builds on this marvelous surrogate family.  You couldn’t ask for a better support system than Manuela, Huma, Rosa, and especially Agrado.  Antonia San Juan gives such an endearing performance.

I’ve kind of got a lot going on in my life at the moment, so I’ll leave it at that.  Supplemented by always interesting art direction, cinematography that highlights the wonderful color schemes, and fantastic scoring by Alberto Iglesias, it’s Almodóvar’s most fulfilling, flawless work.  The script is absolutely brilliant and the performances are perfection.  It will be rising higher up my top 100 the next time I revise the list.  Rating: Masterpiece (98)


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