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Drugs Are Nice: A Suckumentary

Posted by martinteller on June 5, 2013

When I was in my early 20’s one of my favorite albums was “Drugs Are Nice” by Suckdog.  Suckdog was a noise band/performance art group founded by Lisa Crystal Carver (also creator of Rollerderby, one of the best zines ever published) and her husband (now ex-) Jean-Louis Costes.  There was a rotating crew of other members, including comic book writer/Renaissance gal Dame Darcy.  Suckdog’s music was extreme on the ears, a lot of sludgy noise and screeching vocals.  The subject matter was equally extreme, dealing with sexual perversity, bodily functions, violence, raging hostility and operatic desperation.  Think G.G. Allin meets John Waters and you’re in the ballpark.

This DVD-only release is not exactly a documentary, but a collection of interviews, performance footage, music videos and short films.  It’s about what you’d expect the Suckdog experience to be, and the performances feature excessive nudity, simulated sex/rape, screaming, fluids, fights that may or may not be real, and strange soap opera acts existing on the very fringes of society.  It was interesting to put some visuals to the Suckdog phenomenon that I was primarily familiar with only by audio.  But I wish there had been more interview segments, as I’m certain there are tons of bizarre stories to be told.  I’m also curious to know exactly how much drugs actually did play a part, and what kinds (I’m guessing LSD).  But probably a lot of that is covered in Carver’s writings.

I’m not a fan of Suckdog (or Happy Flowers, or Caroliner, both similar in their unlistenability) any more but the video — most of it exceptionally grainy, dark and shaky — made for a fun trip down memory lane.  I might even listen to that album again.  I wish I still had all those old issues of Rollerderby.  Rating: Fair (68)

no IMDb page, but you can buy the DVD here if for some reason you want to own this crazy thing

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