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A Change of Pace

Posted by martinteller on June 9, 2013

Lately, I have been somewhat preoccupied.  Between hunting for a job and now an impending divorce (congratulations please, not condolences… this is a Very Good Thing), among other distractions, I just don’t have enough time and energy for reviews.  So I’ve decided that after over 10 years of writing a review for every movie I watch, I am going to start being more selective.  90% of what I watch will probably still get reviewed.  But I’m not going to write up every rewatch, or every major film that’s already widely reviewed.

This change, coupled with the fact that despite all the free time on my hands lately I just haven’t had that much time for movies, means that this blog will be a bit less active than it has been in the past.  Also, I will frequently be posting just brief thoughts instead of the 4- or 5-paragraph reviews that I’ve been doing recently.  Perhaps when all the dust has settled this blog will return to normal.  But it shouldn’t be a huge difference, and I do hope to post thoughtful, lengthy reviews when I have something meaningful to say.

For the record, I just rewatched Herzog’s Signs of Life and it’s still really good.

14 Responses to “A Change of Pace”

  1. nancyforarciform said

    I’m sorry no matter what you say – too much is sometimes too much to handle. Do whatever you have to, and if cutting back means you still post – works for me!

  2. Danny said

    Congrats on the divorce, and good luck with the job hunt, too! Get up every day knowing your free to make your own way, as confidence, faith and good spirits will get you surprisingly far.

  3. JamDenTel said

    Well, Martin, I just want to wish you the best of luck in all things–including, of course, the movie watching.

  4. Jessica said

    You’re going through some life changes indeed, but from all I’ve heard before it seems like you’re doing the right thing, allowing yourself to explore and embrace more of life. So what if it means less writing as long as it means more and better living! All my thoughts and good wishes for you.

  5. Anonymous said

    Hey Martin, Just a quick “hello” and “hang in there” and to also let you know that I have been reading your movie reviews for what, two years now?? I have chosen many a movie based on your recommendations and discovered many new films and directors because of these reviews. I’ll keep looking for your write-ups even if they may be a little less often.

  6. stevekimes said

    This is good. One of the benefits of blogging is that we can post as often as we want and what we want. It is good that you are taking advantage of this flexibility at this time of change.

  7. Stephen Teller said

    I wish you happiness in all your endevours. Have a happy birthday. Hope to see you at Thanksgiving.

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