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Day of the Fight

Posted by martinteller on June 12, 2013

A day in the life of Walter Cartier, an up-and-coming middleweight boxer, as he prepares for another fight.  Cartier lives with his aunt and his identical twin (also his manager), has a dog, eats steak for energy, makes sure to get holy communion before the match, and then there’s the waiting around.  Not an especially exciting or enlightening short, and the match itself only takes up two rather uneventful minutes.  The narration is pretty standard stuff.  The only reason to see this is Kubrick’s photography, which is very accomplished.  A number of unusual and daring shots give the film a more professional and auteuristic feel than your average newsreel.  Too bad the content isn’t more interesting… I kind of wanted to know how that brother felt, whether he felt like he was in the shadow of his more well-known twin.  Rating: Fair (66)


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