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Le roi et l’oiseau

Posted by martinteller on June 18, 2013


A victim of too much hype.  To my eyes at least, this movie does not live up to its lofty reputation as a masterpiece of animation.  Sure, the animation is well done, but nothing more impressive than your average Looney Tunes short.  There are a few instances of intriguing art.  Not many, though.  And the gags are pretty stale, the characters more annoying than charming or amusing, and the whole thing is rather sluggish and dull.  Children might get a kick out of it, if they speak French or don’t mind subtitles.  For adults, the only interesting part is reading it as a Hitler/Nazi allegory (“Work is freedom”).  But even that is undercut by the fact that the persecuted young couple are far and away the most Aryan-looking characters in the movie.  I give this film the bird.  Rating: Poor (49)


2 Responses to “Le roi et l’oiseau”

  1. Dorothy Qu said

    The soundtrack is breathtaking, the romance between the chimney-sweep is unique and well-done, and the overall tone of this movie is dark and disturbing. I thought the movie was strange but enchanting as a child, but I loved it 100% after ten or so years. It’s Catch-22, classic Hans Christian Anderson, and 1984 wrapped up into one. The orchestra goes from sharp and sarcastic to sad and melodic. I’m sorry you disliked this movie enough to “give this film the bird”, but many adults are able to appreciate movies that aren’t what you call “interesting”. I understand why you would not like Le Roi Et L’Oiseau if you set incredibly high expectations, but missing so many critical aspects of the movie is pretty sad… this film is the antithesis of a Looney Tunes short, with its dark undertones and unforgettable scenes. Claiming that it’s overhyped because the film wasn’t very exciting for you is a very narrow-minded approach that good movie critics should avoid.

    • Well, Dorothy, I’m sorry that my review offended you. I’m just one guy with an opinion, and I thank you for sharing yours. I don’t claim to be the authority on anything, especially not animation. I just know what I like, and regardless of expectations, I did not derive the same pleasures from it that you did. I’m glad that the film is special to you, as it clearly is to so many others.

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