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Vanishing Point

Posted by martinteller on July 23, 2013

Existential car chase movie.  There are mystical elements involving different figures that aid Kowalski in his journey, and a framing structure that allows a lot of room for interpretation.  Soundtrack is second-rate rock but mostly complements the action well.  There’s definitely a meditative quality to the film as the 1970 Dodge Challenger speeds its way through vast open territories.  It almost makes the more “plot”-driven scenes feel like a distraction.  Nice pre-Blazing Saddles appearance by Cleavon Little, and an enigmatic, inscrutable performance by Barry Newman in the lead.  Some parts haven’t aged well (the homosexual characters are uncomfortable) but I can see why this movie has a cult following.  For me, it’s better than Easy Rider and way better than Gone in 60 Seconds but not as good as Two-Lane Blacktop.  Rating: Good (76)


2 Responses to “Vanishing Point”

  1. Carson said

    I always felt like Vanishing Point was trying to portray the existential waywardness of Two-Lane Blacktop while also enjoying the “crazy shit happens” visceral quality of Gone In 60 Seconds while achieving neither in any kind of satisfying way. Two-Lane is the far better film, but I also find Gone in 60 Seconds to be much more fun.

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