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Stories We Tell

Posted by martinteller on August 11, 2013

I’m now two days removed from my viewing of the movie, which is not how I prefer to do reviews.  I would like the film to be entirely fresh in my mind.  I think Polley does some intriguing things with the nature of storytelling, although at times I felt she could have explored the concept further or taken it in different directions.  Perhaps the most interesting facet is how she manipulates Michael (who ultimately emerges as the most sympathetic character) into opening himself up.  My lovely companion felt that the film needed more of Diane’s voice, but my feeling is that would run counter to Polley’s purposes, the building of a personality through the stories those around her tell.  We agreed to disagree… much like many of the documentary’s participants disagree but somehow the conflicting bits of narrative only serve to enrich Diane’s legacy.  The staged scenes are surprisingly effective and seamless.  Rating: Good (79)


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