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Spring Breakers

Posted by martinteller on August 31, 2013

The first thing that came to mind was Enter the Void, and so it was little surprise that Benoît Debie was the cinematographer, or that Harmony Korine was influenced by Gaspar Noe.  The film has a druglike haze around it, with fantastic candy-colored images and a sense of spiraling through a nightmare fairytale.  It seems to keep spinning and spinning, showing you one side then the other, but also both, a blur of ecstatic but unsettling motion.  The use of repetition and time jumps adds to the disorientation, and you feel like you’re on a ride that assaults you with undulating waves of dazzling imagery and American excess.  The dream gone wrong, jumping on and off and on the rails.  My only major beef is that making the Selena Gomez character so Christian feels way too on-the-nose.  She can be conflicted without having to bring religion into the picture.  Otherwise, it’s a provocative and original film that has a hypnotic pull to it, thanks largely to the use of music, the erratic structure, and Debie’s astonishing camerawork.  Having been impressed by both this and Gummo, it’s clear I need to prioritize more Korine.  Rating: Very Good (86)


2 Responses to “Spring Breakers”

  1. JamDenTel said

    I’m really glad you liked this one. I was just tickled that, by casting James Franco and Disney stars like Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, Korine was able to get a film like this into wide release. That it’s so good into the bargain–and I think it’s the year’s best film–is just icing on the cake.

    And how great was Franco here? I easily liked his work here better than anything I’ve seen him do before.

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