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The Man Without a Past (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on November 15, 2013

I’ve mentioned several times in my rewatch reviews recently that I have this goal of not owning any movies that I haven’t watched in the past 5 years.  The main idea being: what’s the point of owning movies if you’re not going to watch them?  As I’ve been spending more and more time away from the TV, I’ve fallen way behind in this task.  At the time of this writing, there are currently 33 movies I’d need to watch to be caught up… including nine from my own top 100!  So I decided to try to do a little bit of catchup.  As I looked over the list, I was quite surprised to see it had more than 5 years since I’d watched this one.  It seemed so fresh in my memory.

Which is a testament to how good it is.  As much as I enjoy Kaurismaki, I must admit several of his films blend together in my memory and become a fuzzy haze of deadpan comedy, proletariat sympathy, and vintage rock music.  TMWaP has all of that, and in spades, but seems to distinguish itself with a more memorable storyline than many others in the director’s output.  I don’t have much to add to my earlier reviews, really.  Outinen is a delight to watch as always, and Peltolta is wonderful as the usual Kaurismaki lovable underdog.  Really, everyone in it is fantastic, I just love this director’s sense for actors with fantastic faces who can handle the deadpan expressions.  The movie tempers its sharp critique of indifferent government bureaucracy with a little humor and a lot of sweetness.  You can’t help feeling affection for these guys… even the opportunistic security guard with his shady deals, so amusingly ineffective at being intimidating.

I could probably write a longer review, but somehow short and sweet seems appropriate for Aki Kaurismaki.  I eagerly await his next feature.  Rating: Very Good (86)


2 Responses to “The Man Without a Past (rewatch)”

  1. nancy said

    I don’t believe I’ve ever watched this director before this film. Holy Crap. The faces on these people. This was a joy.

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