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Meet Me in St. Louis (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on December 19, 2013

Third viewing, and this time it’s going on the old Top 100.  I’m gravitating more towards joyous and heartwarming movies these days, perhaps because my own life has taken some wonderful turns, and it doesn’t get much more joyous and heartwarming than this.  I can only think of three very small complaints.  1) Margaret O’Brien — although her performance is magnificent, especially for a child actor of this era — has a couple of moments that are just too cutesy.  2) I still think the movie could use one more song in the second half.  3) The very last scene is a little too hokey (“Right here where we live! Right here in St. Louis!”), even for a film that traffics this much in hokeyness.  That’s it.  Everything else about it is beautiful and perfect and lovely and makes me cry and laugh and want to sing and do the hoochie-coochie.  Rating: Masterpiece (97)


2 Responses to “Meet Me in St. Louis (rewatch)”

  1. Alan said

    When I view these films from time gone by… I try to do so as if I am wearing glasses from that era., and avoid too much evaluating by today’s more cynical standards One of those magic films.
    OH, and Merry Christmas to you Martin, it’s been fun discovering your website! .

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