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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Posted by martinteller on December 28, 2013

I can’t think of a whole lot to say about this movie.  I’m late to the party again… probably most people have seen it, or seen the remake, or read the book.  I was surprised to see that Criticker predicted my score would be a relatively low 73, because of the range of opinion about it.  I thought it was more universally praised… or perhaps some of the more negative ratings are a backlash against that.  At any rate, I thought it was an excellent thriller, very gripping despite its length, with twists and revelations doled out at a good pace.  There are a couple of nagging questions that are probably answered better in the book, but overall it’s a satisfying detective story with very unusual detectives.  The film is brutally hard to watch at times, but I never felt like it crossed the line into gratuitousness.  As a statement of feminist empowerment in a cruelly misogynistic world, I’m not sure it works as well as it intends to, but there’s a little something there to chew on.  Lisbeth Salander is an intriguing sort of heroine, and Rapace’s steely portrayal shows just enough vulnerability to make her more than just a vengeance machine.  Rating: Very Good (84)


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